i kissed a girl & my bf liked it

downtown with jade and Danny, best friend and favorite cousin yay! saw boyfriend & GNS people took pictures with a couple of people, then gave my boyfriend my last $20 bill then left because i wanted to go shopping but fail, my debit card was declining. i just got the new debit card that has the chip in it and tell me how it doesn't even work at all. i wanted to buy a cardigan vest, a dress and a mickey mouse wool top from h&m. i was in such a bad mood, met up with GNS again. what made my day was seeing Jordan & chesca. missed them soo much. anyways had fun with everyone last night. afterwards jade drove us back to Mississauga and back home, thanks cousin. the only downfalls was that my debit card wasn't working. overall the day was good. photo credits to Danny steez Nguyen


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