MARCH62009 - worked, i still find it immature how theres people my age/older than me who are still mall rats, grow the fuck up already. anyways went to cousin vanessa's house. chilled with brother, cousin shayne, her boyfriend paul, cousin vanessa and her boyfriend dan - unfortunatley once i got there my nephew was sleeping boooooo! anyways played video games. playing bloody roar, mortal kombat, street fighter etc. old school games.

MARCH72009 - slept all day. woke up took a shower then went to my cousins baby shower. she comes like three hours late to he own baby shower. had some real good talks with my cousin shayne as usual. then drove home early with my younger brother then boyfriend woke me up around 3AM and he falls alseep, gee thanks babe. oh yeah also played with my nephew.

MARCH82009 - daylight savings fuck you! work from 11 - 5. jade and kim came over after work and chilled. yay! boyfriend got his phone finally fixed! can't sleep right now. debabting if i should wait for geroge brown or just go to humber. i found out that humber north is closer to vaughan than george brown is. sooo hmmm.... but yah i'll think about it.


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