originally my boyfriend knew i was coming to vaughan to help pitch in for his sidekick lx but maybe around rush hour time instead i came there at 2:30 with jaye and surprised him by going inside his school and finding him. it was so funny. anyways afterwards went to pho and brought jaye to walmart so he can buy his things. then to vaughan mills. i love vaughan mills h&m better than square ones. but whatever dropped them both off then droped myself home.
because my boyfriend got the sidekick lx, i wante a sidekick myself which i will be getting maybe today or even tomorrow. yay! but the downside is that its not an lx, its a sidekick id but oh well its pink =] oh and i still want those pink vandals at champs! buy them for me and i'll love you long time.

pictures on jayes blog (jayecabreros.blogspot.com) and justins blog (airjustin.blogspot.com)


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