so yesterday i went to work from 11 until 6 afterwards i went to vaughan to see my boyfriend. Picked him up at his house then let him take over the wheel and let him drive to jayes. tried calling jayare but he didnt pick up so we just went cruising around. while driving saw a cat/raccon get run over by some other car, it was so epic ahah. ended up going to st.louis, to eat some chicken wings and watch the all star game. thanks jaye! went to wal mart, saw the cricut! fuck i want it so badly. shutup ahah! then drove jaye home, drove boyfriend home stayed at his place for a bit then drove home. good day!

today is family day. went to vaughan to see my boyfriend again! damn i can't stop driving there. picked my boyfriend up and went to pho and then to jayares. while going inside jayares house, justin just left me while i was taking my shoes off. i didn't know where to go so i asked his brother and sister if justin went downstairs and he did so i just followed. jayare your brother and sister are so adorable! i wanted to call jaye but he told us he was going to a baby shower so didn't bother calling him. got bored so we called karl and drove to his house. went on the computer for a bit then drove to playdium with jayare karl and babe. playdium was packed. played games and won plenty of tickets. boyfriend won 2 'jackpots' of tickets. babe also got 3rd highest score for some game. went to mcdonalds and drove them back home and myself back home. honestly for a random day it was fun. and i just realized i am obsessed with arcades and tickets lol!


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