valentines day

this is weird how i have two posts in one day but so much happened today on valentines day. my boyfriend came over to spend time with me. went to square one - then went for a place to eat ended up going to Swiss chalet. thanks babe for the food. afterwards went home. drove my boyfriend home and went to Vaughan mills with him. went to visit Jaye. went to Karl's house for a bit and i let Justin drive to his house but only in the neighbourhood. dropped boyfriend at home then drove myself home all by myself on the highway for he first time being alone. honestly, i love driving on the highway now. babe i'll be seeing you more often. anyways happy valentines day to everyone, especially to my boyfriend, me love you long time! <3


Blogger cpinez said...

loll cute pictures jasmine!

February 16, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

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