surprise prt.2

yet again jaye and i surprise my boyfriend. before i left i was learning single ladies 30% learned not bad. anyways went to his school, he wasn't as shocked as i thought he would been since his day was completely going off, stupid sidekick lx! watched his tag practice. talked angela.f and also wasn't formally introduced to the other angela but we drove her home with jayare after the practice, next time i'll introduce myself because someone *justin*. saw kae anne and angelyne as well. eventually jaye justin and i went to vaughan mills and ate. justin and jaye went book shopping. then jaye left us to go watch caroline. me and my boyfriend just walked around, went to go get his lx fixed. which doesn't make any sense because my sidekick is perfectly fine. but other than that boyfriend bought one of the sexiest jackets from h&m for himself. note to self to buy myself the jean overalls/white-grayish jacket at h&m for myself.

i honestly love surprising my boyfriend when he least expects the unexpected. oh how much i love my boyfriend so much he makes me happy. and these two mean alot to me too. danny nguyen best friend for life, i'll always understand you and you'll always understand me - i love how we're both the fucking same. and jaye cabreros like a big brother i should have had but didn't - being honest and giving me advice when i need it thanks. love you guys both!


Blogger STEEZ NGUYEN said...

LABBB JOOOOOOOOOOO :) <3 life goes on, hey we're still in this together!

March 4, 2009 at 7:18 PM  

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