march break prt.3

MARCH 21 2009
- picked up boyfriend from his house
- car was being gay
- can't use car until Monday
- but still used it anyways
- went to jack darling park with boyfriend
- driving on Mississauga road (mansions!)
- showed babe the "glass house"
- took pictures with boyfriend
- called danny to chill but ended up not chilling =[
- back to my house
- omgpop
- testing waters on my og bred xi's
- getting into trouble
- mommy drove justin home
- talks with cousin shayne and her boyfriend
- more pictures @ airjustin.blogspot.com

MARCH 22 2009
- work
- switched shifts with someone so i could get off early
- drove the ugly caravan
- bored and tired
- mad i'm not able to see my boyfriend on his birthday =[
- but going to uncles birthday which is the day of my boyfriends birthday instead
- im in love with wobz from tm & lydia paek from boxcutthuz


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