march break prt1

  • work work and more work
  • no more money period whatsoever
  • coming home way to late
  • movie in vaughan with jaye angela and boyfriend (slumdog millionaire)
  • dude from slumdog millionaire is fucking sexy
  • nights with co-workers
  • coraline 3-d with co-workers
  • role models movie with co-workers at kims
  • dannys first time
  • major headaches
  • crackhead
  • ballono
  • byebye h&m for now (march break)
  • melvins gay
  • cleaned room and became messy again
  • tired as fuck
  • dog won't shutup
  • i hate work more and more everyday
  • & work is fuuunay when your fucked
  • cousin gave birth to a beautiful babygirl
  • omg im a fucking auntie again
  • im tired
  • on the phone with boyfriend and hes not talking
  • bye


Blogger Jaye said...

i like this post

March 18, 2009 at 12:03 AM  

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