fast & furious

yesterday my boyfriend came over. we watched fast and furious with my younger brother. brought my younger brother home then went to Popeye's, yumm. afterwards went to kariya park, it was freezing cold - but we'll be back to take pictures in the summer. just chilled at my house for a while then drove boyfriend home with Andrew. i haven't spoken to him in a real long time it was good catching up with him. and i also found it funny how i was to busy talking to him i wasn't even paying attention driving on the highway. cruised around for a bit to have some more talks with him until Jade and Kim called me up and wanted to chill. so brought Andrew home then went back home. Jade and Kim came over and brought tons of double cheese burgers! watched pursuit of happiness on showcase, but it kind of got boring so we started talking about future and life and all this nonsense of whats real and whats not and our beliefs. they eventually went home and watched the rest of pursuit of happiness with they boyfriend. goood day. more pictures - airjustin.blogspot.com


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