happy birthday babe

today is my boyfriend birthday today, sad thing is i won't be able to see him the whole day. this sucks ass. well, even though I'm upset that i won't be able to be with him, i still hope he has a great birthday with or without me. love ya babe. happy birthday!

other than that last night i went shopping at h&m to buy some "western" themed outfits for my uncles cowboy surprise party which is tonight. to bad it's not a surprise anymore - the party planner made things to obvious, so out of the blue he said it out loud "i already know about the surprise party" epic fail. Filipino moms can't pull off surprises cause they can't shut up and they are way to loud. anyways i got a really cute outfit for the party i just need some cowgirl shoes.

i also got a hair cut, i have a mullet. a nice funky Asian mullet that suites me perfectly fine.

&& I'm currently "testing waters" on my OG bred xi's because they don't fit me. too big. picture on boyfriend blog. http://airjustin.blogspot.com


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