Victoria day long weekend..Disaster

I haven't really been updating much due to the reasons of me never being home. I wasn't the only person realizing I haven't been home lately. My parents have been on my ass. They're fed up with me coming home at 11 PM even though it's not even that late. As consequence they took my car keys for a week. I have to find my own way of transportation and not rely on them since the only time I talk to my parents is when I need something. I can see where they're coming from. How I'm not at home, Not spending family time with them and coming home late. But then again, they don't even want to spend time with me. They come and go , coming back from shopping and leaving for a family get together at someone house and I'm never invited or ever asked to come along. So my parents complain about me not spending time with them when they don't even ask me to come along. My parents also don't listen to me and all of a sudden became strict after I got my license.

I recently keep getting attacked by my older sibling as well over stupidness. because I woke him up for school and I left the lights in his room on he viciously comes into my room and throws the garbage at me and even throws around the furniture all over my room. Asshole that's all I have to say. And just yesterday he threw a kitchen chair at me because I opened the door for him late. first of i didn't know I was home alone. Second buy a fucking house key. Third, I was sick and tired of his bullshit, I was sick of everyone in my family pushing me around. I'm the only daughter and the middle child. I honestly went crazy. I trashed the basement I broke mirrors, I pulled out cords from the xbox and computer, threw furniture everywhere, threw many things everywhere, and make the biggest mess I could. Felt great, Bitch didn't know it was coming - Well grow the fuck up I'm not letting you stomp all over me anymore, you fucking failure at life! Anyways enough about ranting.

My boyfriend finally got his license. Thank you! After he finsihed his license I drove to his house and spent the whole day with him. We ate KFC, he tried the wrapster and I ate some popcorn chicken, yummy. From there we walked around Vaughan Mills for a bit. And then to St. Joan of Arc to pick up Jayare. We went to promenade mall. My first time going there. Was pretty nice except for the fact they had a T&T in the mall so it smelled like fish. After the mall went to Jayares to chill for a bit then back to Joan of Arc for "taste of joan" which is basically a multi-cultural thingy at his school. My boyfriend dance team TAG was preforming at the very end of the show. I saw his team practice before they did the actually preformance. but to kill time I showed my boyfriend the single ladies dance, I did it better for him than for jayare and whoever else was watching. And also for killing time my boyfriend was teaching me his dance freeze. I love his choreo for freeze. We didn't get to finish but it was ok. Next time. Eventually they preformed and I went home.

First off went to Jades to kill some time and I made them breakfest. Then picked up Danny and drove downtown. Ran into Greg and Patricia at American Apparel then drove them to Gns since we were going there anyways. Watched the team practice. Thanks Jayare for the pizza. And Thanks to Andrew Bautisita for the Stomp tickets! Yeah Bitches I'm going to stomp! =] After practice went to Chakko which is a type of Korean BBQ. Went with babe and Danny. After eatting dropped off boyfriend and went straight home. This was the night i got my keys taken away.

Jade picked me up. Chilled with Brandon, Erica, Renz, Jeremy, Karen, Joseph and Kim. Most of us fell asleep during the day. I made them breakfest again. Watched videos on worldstarhiphop.com. funny shit on that site. it was nice meeting Karen and Joseph. Dropped Karen Brandon and Joseph at the terminal. Then Jade dropped me home. pretty chill day.

This was the day I trashed the basement. Didn't do much this day. Jade and Brandon picked me up around 8ish. Went to Mcdonalds. They did their business. I ended up flopping on them cause I got tired. Sorry Brandon and Jade next time. I swear! Oh yeah I didn't go to work this day, because I had no way of getting to work. Damnnn Parents!

Victoria day, I want to do some fireworks today. I slept and did my blog today. Whooopieee! I know this is a really long post, but oh well if you don't read all of it you may get confused at some parts. Other than that I like my blog.

Photos from Thursday, Photo credits to Danny Nguyen


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