emeyrie (EM-ER-REEEE)

i've been skipping first period alot and just staying home to relax cause things are a bit complicated at the moment. i realized i have absolutely no time to just rest and chill. from Mondays to Friday i work at h&m for three hours per day and three times in the same week i go work somewhere else oh and i always work on Sundays. so the only day i ever have off is Saturday. but i never rest on Saturday because hello it's Saturday i wanna be with my boyfriend or family or friends. summer better be worth waiting for.

other than that yesterday i went to Vaughan to chill with my boyfriend. i picked him up from school and went to his house and made some mac&cheese. from there we picked up karl and off to Vaughan mills for justins and karls interview. i decided to walk around the mall while they were doing there interview. i bought some voodoo dolls that hang from your cell phone from one's. i gave justin the better one. i ended up talking around the mall for a good hour until justin called me. we were waiting for karl to get interviewed so i just chilled with bentzen and justin. went to henrys and best buy then ate at licks. chilled at karls for a bit then went home.

when i got home it was a whole nother story. my niece emeyrie was at my house. she's only a month old. we were babysitting her while my cousin and her fiance were going to marriage school. i've never really got to see emeyrie up close and with her eyes opened. every time i saw her she was sleeping and wearing a hat. when i got inside the house she was awake and she was the cutest baby ever. she's half filipino half white. and did i men chin she is the smallest shit ever. her dad is monster huge and she's the size of his foot. i took care of her for a good half n hour. carrying her. she likes to move alot and like to make weird noises. i'm officially emeyrie's babysitter. yaaah man.

P.S - someone buy me a camcorder so i can start making VLOGS =]


Blogger Jaye said...

i didn't have time to read anything but congrats on the baby! you'll be a great mother. kidding kidding i read it, and i love how you spell mention. hahahaha men chin

May 8, 2009 at 11:00 AM  
Blogger jasmine said...


May 8, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

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