this woman's worth

I'm hella excited, prom is close and summer is right next door. i've decided to go to prom of course with my boyfriend. found my dress, now my mom should be buying the dress for me - but my dress is pretty cheap which is a good thing. color is still undecided. before prom i have to get my nails done, tan my white feet, get a haircut, buy the dress with matching shoes. ooohh i'm so excited.

i've only recently realized what my mom and dad go through everyday. having to take care of three kids who don't help out around the house. its disaster. while my parents were in vegas and L.A; i've been taking care of my brothers and dog. i've been stressed and sick throughout the whole time not to men chin not going to work for seven days, i'm going to be poor.
After being on the phone with my mom and dad it put the biggest smile on my face. I miss my parents, they come back tomorrow night. that means i have to clean my room and the whole house but i'm lazy right now. i'll do it eventually.

so i haven't really been updating but heres a little rundown on what i've been doing my past few days.
i've actually started another dance without finishing the other dances i already started on; the song is by maxwell it's called this woman's worth - it's from the movie 'love&basketball'. it would be so much better if i had a guy partner helping me choreograph the rest. i'd rather have it as a couple routine but i'll just make it simple as of for now.

oh yea speaking of my prom, after prom its grad and if your my family and your thinking of what to get me as a graduation present. i want a puppy that never grows or a camcorder or a new desktop computer with sims 3 when it comes out! thanks your the best!


Blogger Jaye said...

(maxwell) uhhhh hooooooooo (/maxwell)

April 30, 2009 at 11:03 PM  
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May 1, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

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