weekend recap

i worked all day long and went to sleep

i thought this day was going to be so boring, the weather killed my mood. it was raining so i had doubts by seeing justin. tried making plans with danny but like i said weather killed by mood but it turned out sunny and warm and surprise justin came over. he left his gns chillin time for me awwwe, ahah. gave justin yummy pasta and headed off to sherway. it was my first time actually inside sherway for the first time. i felt like i was in the states. but yeah loafted alot, and motha fucka i want mc hammer pants. well yeah after sherway picked up danny and headed off to vaughan, but before going to vaughan some lady asked justin for $10 due to she needed gas since she was moving and she was by herself and unfortunatley had no money whatsoever. at least he did something good. from there we went to vaughan and while we were driving to vaughan we saw a fucking dead deer in the middle of the highway and we almost ran over it but we didn't but it was gross. called up lawrence and angela to chill with us. and went to vaughan mills and we went to visit jaye. we ended up chillin at lawrences house. which is so chill. then we all left.


mothers day, i got her nothing. i worked all day long and chilled with kim for a bit. and then i went home. weekend sucked except saturday.


Blogger Jaye said...

jasmineeeeeeee :)

saturday was fun

May 11, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

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