safe sex.. is sexy!

jade, danny and i went to vaughan. spent some time with justin, kae anne and phan. went to visit jaye, spent like halfn hour chillin with him and kae anne. afterwards boyfriend came and bought me food. thanks jezer for the hook up, too bad i couldn't finish. boyfriend and jaye brought me to pj's pet store express. i want a ferret now. other than that pretty chill day.

stayed home. slept for three to four hours. went to jades house to chill. picked up kim. then drove myself home. borrrrring asss friday.

justin picked me up, went to like three malls. square one, yorkdale, and vaughan mills. boyfriend got some levi's and some taco vila. boyfriend also bought me a shirt from h&m thanks babe. drove to kae annes for her 18th. only stayed for an hour and a half since i had to be home by 10pm. past out once i got home.

on a side note:
  • prom is this friday.. hella excited
  • someone buy my bred xi's!
  • i need to color my hair
  • i still have to buy plenty of things for prom

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