My Christmas wants =]

So Christmas is coming up and I'm excited. My Christmas wants for 2008.

Nikon D-80: was suppose to get a d-40 originally for my birthday but since my parents bought me a car and also i had the "hookup" for an slr decided to get the d-80 instead. This I'm getting for sure just have to save up $700

Uggs Cordy
7/7.5 WOMENS
prefer the colors black or oatmeal(beige)

Married to the Mob T-shirts (KarmaLoop)
Downtown M.O.B - $40
Beating Bitches Daily - $28.95

Hellz Bellz T-shirt (KarmaLoop)
Size Small $28.95

American Apparel Joggers
ExtraSmall or Small $50

Purple Half Cabs



First Off, I would like to say I miss my boyfriend - He went to the States for Black Friday and I miss him so much. I didn't get to speak to him as much today since he had a performance with his group "Team Absolute Groove" aka. "TAG". They did pretty good - but you know triple J.R would smash them any day anytime any place =] But anyways Yes I miss him. F.Y.I if you want to see the preformance go on his blog. (airjustin.blogspot.com)

On a side note, Jasmine made her first choreo to bad Girl by Danity Kane. It starts from 35 sec. until 55 sec. and from 55 sec. until 1 min and 23 sec. is where john martillano my homeboy will be helping me choreo the couple part of the song. well i have a "move" but i just don't know where to put it. so i'll figure it out.


birthday weekend?

On saturday my boyfriend came over since he couldn't spend my birthday with me on the day of my birthday. so his dadddy drops him off then we leave to square one, he bought me the cutest hat ever and we also ate jonny rockets. afterwards we went back to my house then picked up ulysses then jades house. jades jam was weird. people drunk-ish. had to drive people to the beer store. i suck at driving. well anyways yeah the my boyfriends friend ferdie came. just chilled then left. pictures on boyfriends blog. airjustin.blogspot.com


guys guess what..?



hi its my birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! =] i'm officialy seventeen years old as of today, NOV19. anywhoo today was a great birthday. why? because first my boyfriend was the first to say happy birthday then alisha then alife and then john.. i forgot everyone else to. today my test got cancelled for religion, in bodyworks class we did hot yoga - and if you dont what hot yoga is - its when your in a room that is stemaing hot and you do yoga, it was so cool until i got real tired and just got to lazy also after school i went to gateway to take ron's dance class and everyone was there. TRIPLE J.R, danny nguyen, sherry, jeff, julian, camille ect. took enough pictures with danny - also learned some nice choreo that i actually got into. eventually im left at home. was suppose to go to my cousins house but since they didnt pick me up and my mom picked me up i shouldnt even bother going to thier house even though i really wanted to. oh yeah also rina stole the whole pocky case from the sushi store during lunch it was fucking hilarious. thanks for the pocky love. anyways if anyone wants to know what i got for my birthday, my boyfriend got me shoes - my parents bought me a car plus money and now i think i'll be getting a nikon d-80, yeah d-80 not d-40, but a d-80. i have a car i dont have my licsence yet but im getting it tomorrow - hopefully. i am praying that the weather would be so much tomorrow.

all photo credits to danny nguyen !

my eyes are so trippy




before the show my group got some red bull to get hyped up at school.
people been telling me about some bitches up at java that were gonna boo me. didn't hear shit during the performance but people around them have been telling me what they've been saying. honestly first off NO LIFE, secondly if you don't like me don't fucking talk about me - you are clearly wasting your 2faced self talking about me than talking shit about your friends. yeah i can be called a hypocrite at the moment but i just wanted to say that i don't give a shit about you - the only reason why I'm doing this is cause it bothers me that you talk about me when it's not even necessary and don't even say "why should i care?" obviously I'm going to care like hello wake the fuck up - you are talking about me. and you think i talk shit about you? i ONLY talk about you because "people" aka your friends tell me what YOU have been saying about me or what you will be doing to me. i don't care if you don't like me, i don't like you either - like i said your wasting your time talking shit - telling everyone what i have to say to you - OR have said to you, you honestly need to learn to leave this alone. Unlike you - I'm gonna be the bigger person AND drop your bullshit cause 99.9% of the time it's your lies and rumors that causes all this drama. Maybe you could actually learn from this and GROW THE FUCK UP, act your fucking age not your shoe size. Oh yes to them other readers out there - i just wanted to say sorry for me saying this but it had to be done and over with.

anyways, the performance should be up anytime soon and so will pictures once I'm not as lazy to put them up - oh yeah today's P.A day - no school =] but i work 10 hours at my work today and tomorrow at my other work. so far i only have the pre-dance video of our performance at gateway rec centre. I'll update later so enjoy the practice video.


i honestly like the practice better than the actual preformance. since i was wearing johns pants and they didnt fit my waist it looks like i have a penis lmao! and i messed up on the actual preformance like 4 times but its hardly noticable. but it's cool i'll write more later i have to go to work - 7am - 4pm.... im quit today =]

actual java preformance


eight days

I don't have to be at school until 10:55 yay! cause theres some presentation for rememberance day and i dont have to attend. sooo this week and next week is pretty intense for me, why? because today and tomorrow are triple J.R's final practices until our actual preformance which is on thursday. also friday is P.A day but i offered to work from 12PM - CLOSING since i really need the money. I also work another ten hours the next day at my other work. On the 19th is my 17th birthday which im pretty excited for since i'll be with my nikon d-40 that day and in my body works class we get to do hot yoga. the very next day i go for my g2 test - i better pass that shit, i just need to work on some parking. people are telling me to have a jam for my birthday but i've already gotten a huge load of things for my birthday - so i'm not quite sure on that. and last but not least nov 22 will be my day with my boyfriend...right? afterwards "OUCH"? and then jades? .. we'll see how it works.
i've been meaning to update my blog but i never have the time to make a new one. when i get the chance i will.
triple j.r webisode below.



yesterday i went downtown by myself and met up with my boyfriend the birthday boy and Chris. met up with more people then to korean bbq. it was blah. afterwards went to go watch a movie. watched role models - Ferdie drove me to a station, thanks btw. oh yeah nice meet Andrew, Chris and Kristine.
go on justins blog for pictures > airjustin.blogspot.com
anyways - went to work today. I was hella tired. So I only realized that my birthday is in 10 days, i get my g2 in 11 days and goetz-a-java is in 5 days. real excited for everything - heard some rumors about what may happen at java but whatever it's not gonna ruin my day. so yeah since my birthdays coming up i found out more things that i want for my birthday - i want a ps3 in order for me to play "little big planet" - i really want that game - in order for me to play that game i need to buy the system as well. i doubt i'll get it but for sure i'll be getting my Nikon d-40! i'll update later on im tired.