New years Resolution and a blast from my past

Out of the three resolutions I think i'll fail in all of them. but mostly the first and third.

My new years resolutions are
ONE not hate anyone before I know them. So if you know me by now I am one of the biggest haters ever. This year I plan on getting to know the person first and deciding if I should like them or not. Instead of just hating on them for whatever reason I may think of.

TWO save money, I cannot save money at all. I still owe my mom plenty of money and still have to buy my boyfriend a pair of shoes of his choice plus my stupid slr camera I was suppose to get months ago.

THREE start cutting down on the sneakers and start getting into my girly side for a change. bye bye sneakers, hello heels. and also I won't be selling any of my shoes just because I don't wanna sell anything that Justin has bought me; they mean alot to me.

I wanted to blast from my past to remember the memories of 2008. (no specific order)
Goetz a Java 2008 - TRIPLEJR practices - Justins 16th birthday - reunited relationship between me and justin - Jades random jam - Gateway - lunch with John Rina & Nicole - Working at loblaws then quitting after 6 months - Missions to C2GNS with Danny Nguyen & John Martillano - Buying a seasons pass for Wonderland and only going once to go swimming - late night home drives from boyfriends friend Ferdie (thanks again) - Jayes little birthday get together downtown - my birthday gift, a car - and getting my G2 the day after my 17th birthday - me and jayes matching bred 11s day lol - skipping 2nd period every other day - Having serious girl talk with my mother - watching my younger brother grow up, having girlfriends and dressing up in h&m clothing - me and joven all of a sudden getting along phase, kinda - Grade 11 lunch with Sandra and Alisha I miss them - Going to Wonderland on wonderbus, seeing Jayare and Justin waiting for me standing there as if they were models.
If I remember more I'll put it up

P.S. Danny Nguyen this song is for you! <3 it's our song now!


Christmas Week

DECEMBER 24 Christmas Eve, went last minute shopping with my older brother, Joven. Bought couple of things ran into Jade and Kim. Bought a top from Sirens for the fam jam at my house that night. Nothing much happened that night other than getting presents.

DECEMBER 25 Christmas day, got presents - alot of money, socks, pajamas, things for my car, chocolate, circus cd from my older brother, five cents from my younger brother, and some purfume. pretty satisfied with my presents. Later that day went to cousins then got into a fight with my mother. so i left. slept and that was Christmas.

DECEMBER 26 Boxing day. Woke up extra early. drove joven to work and went shopping. Met up with rina and her sister, and her sisters boyfriends sister. bought some checkered shirt from sirens for our preformance on january 31st. also bought a new pair of shoes. staye wit rina until i had to go to work. eventually went to work and worked. i was only suppose to work from 11AM until 3PM but since it was so packed my boss made me stay until 6:30PM. Afterwards chilled with Andrew.


snow day

yesterday was so shit, only because of the weather - snow everywhere, in the sky - on the ground - and in my socks. Danny Nguyen came over and we waited for the bus. when i called it said it would be there in 4 minutes. it actually came in like half n hour - but we didn't pay to get on the bus we got on for free. so instead of a 40 minutes bus ride to isslington it actually took one full hour basically. subways were fine. got to sherbourne at 3ish and waited for Justin and Andrew until 4:30. which made me really mad - all i have to say was Andrew you ruined my day right there ahahah! - kidding. then once we got there i got so mad because of this one particular person. pissed me off the whole day but anyways saw Kristine - aww i love her shes so cute. i met her brother as well and talked to them for most of the day. took some pictures but i think Danny deleted them. anyways the class ended at 6pm. and everyone walked to the bus stop - unfortunately i was still mad over this person and they made things worse which made me not want to go in the bus. so Justin stayed be hide while everyone else went on the bus. i don't want to go into detail about it so i'll skip that part and move on to the hot chocolate. it was good but i was tired of holding it everywhere so i threw it out. me and Justin subwayed/bussed to meet up with everyone again. in between that time i had to take a piss so badly i swear to God i was about to pee in my pants lmao! found the nearest washroom and then back to missioning. eventually found the place. talked to Danny. loafted there for a good hour or so. went back to eatons and loafted thee as well. i eventually left with Danny and got lost cause we weren't paying attention to where we were going. from there Danny came over and my mom gave him a lift home. so overall today was good except for the beginning - i met more people today. pictures below. credits to Danny Nguyen .



today was bittersweet - at school it was civies - didn't bother going to any classes. picked up kim and jade and went to square one and ate. went back to school to drop them off and brought rina nicole and john to square one. i took $150 out of the bank to go christmas shopping. by the time i got the cash i had to drive john and rina back to school. so i ended up going back to school then back to square one to go shopping once again. this time i got everything for everyone in my family except my dog and my mom. i got my dad some cd's, my younger brother some cute h&m leather jacket and as for my older brother - a fitted. my moms present is going to screw me over a fucking coach purse thats like $400 - thank God my brother is paying for half and also good news my brothers manager knows the manger from coach who can give it to us for 50% off. i was so happy. i dropped nicole home then wrapped these mother fucking gifts. also i got myself an h&m leather jacket as well cause it was cute and i wanted one. anyways drove back to school to pick up john and rina. dance practice. cleaned up green light. everyone left. me and john tried making a choreo to 11h30. john made the whole dance up with two moves of my assist. it is soo sick but it's still a work in progress.
so this is the bitter part of my day. i come inside my house and my younger bother tells me i have a big present downstairs. i check and i see the ugliest wrapping ever. and i ask what it was, no one would tell me. so my younger brother eventually tells me and its a fucking steerring wheel cover, a box of perfume, and a fucking bikini. first of all - i was soo pissed, clearly i've been constantly telling my mother i want a slr. secondly, what the hell am i going to do with the gifts they got me - perfume: like yeah it will probably stank or smell good but i already have a million brand name perfumes and i don't even use them. steerring wheel cover: yeah you got me a car but i don't want no fucking acessories for my car - it looks fine the way it is i dont need the stupid cover. waste of money. a bikini: its fucking winter! i dont go swimming outdoors in the winter, i dont go swimming indoors what the fuck. me hearing all the shit ruined my day. i get like everyone in my family something i know they want and i fucking get that bullshit trash. both my brothers got new phones and i get trash what the fuck. this pisses me off. on top of that i have no money anymore - i clearly want to get myself and my boyfriend a sidekick lx or even uggs but no. not possible. i'm so mad and frustraded. i've been wanting an slr since last year and september is when i could actually get one myself but i was told to buy it myself because my moms a cheap ass. so now i have to start from scratch.
other than that whats on my down side my boy john won't be attending gns tomorrow which makes me really mad. it is also snowing like mad tomorrow. i'm still going with danny nguyen and maybe bring andrew (my montreal friend). let's just hope everything is fine tomorrow



today was chill, spent the day with my boyfriend. ate johnny rockets as per usual. photos will be on his blog. (airjustin.blogspot.com)
anyways i'm in love with this fucking man named camillo - he is my new idol. sorry jayare you aren't my idol anymore haha. also since i've been chillin with my montreal friend Andrew lately he got me into techtonik which explains my choice of music for my blog. he also showed me this amazing techtonik dancer aka nUNUx. if you don' know what techtonik is, it's the last video below my beautiful camillo & it's nUNUx.



the "master"

planned to go to gns with my friends john and danny, plans kindy screwed up last minute which explains why we got there at 5PM instead of 4PM. but one we got there it was pretty fun. didn't dance just watched - didn't feel like dancing since i was hella hungry. first david did his choreo and then my boyfriend did his. after everything was done, me justin john danny jaye jayare andrew and gabrielle all walked to mcdonalds. afterwards went to eatons and just chilled and took pictures there. eventually we all left. overall is was a fun day. btw nice meeting alot of people.


because I didn't want to drive to school.. this is what happens

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you. Or do I? I don't know? Are you interesting? Would I want to know you better?

01. I want to move out of my house Once I'm 18 or 19
02. I take dance classes hosted by ron from the one
03. I should be driving to school right now but I'd rather not - I like to skip English class
04. I want two more small dogs even though i already have one
05. I've watched every single episode of sailor moon when i was in grade 9
06. I want a new job - because i have an asshole of a co-worker
07. My boyfriend lives far and i hate it cause i hardly see him but i deal with it
08. girlicious and Britney spears currently blow my mind
09. I want to have a kid before I turn 23
10. I'm not into wearing flats, heels, dresses or anything proper occasionally im not girly whatsoever
11. I change my hair style/color frequently
12. I own over 25 pairs of jeans and i only wear 6 of them
13. I adore my flat stomach =]
14. I want a tattoo and a lip piercing, my parents wont allow me to get any piercings on my face though
15. I miss my long hair
16. I'm honest and I'll tell you anything to everything truthfully

Since not alot of people have blogspot that are my friends I narrowed my tags to only 6 people =]
1. Justin Ramiro - because you have to
2. John Martillano - because i want you to =]
3. Danny Nguyen- because you never make any posts anymore
4. Rina Figs - because I know you'd want to
5. Jaye - because you are interesting lmao i wanna see what you'd write!
6. Danielle Santos - because you're probably bored



Went to Gateway with John - Once we got there saw my cutie, Danny Nguyen. Found out classes starts at 5PM now so we went to shoppers drug mart to buy foundation to cover up my pimples since i have grad pictures. Drove back to gateway, Learned a new dance as well. Not one of my favorites but it was still fun. Lots of St. Francis Xavier people there, as usual - time to bring some more people =]Photo Credits to Danny Nguyen ! (http://nguyensteez.blogspot.com/)