i officially hate driving at the moment

So yesterday I was suppose to sell me and Justin's sidekicks to this girl from st. catherines. Me and Justin both went through so much last minute complications all morning. All I cared about was selling the stupid sidekicks and getting a new phone at Pmall. Turns out the girl flopped on me and Justin. After all those stupid moments me and Justin had to face all for nothing. I was so mad and upset. Never doing business with people who live near Niagra Falls ever again. Eventually me and Justin got over it, instead we just cruised around. Speaking of cruising around we made so many trips to vaughan and mississauga.

1. I drove to vaughan to pick up Justin
2. Justin drove my car to Mississauga
3. Justin drove my car to Vaughan
4. I drove my car & Justin drove his car back to Mississauga
5. Dropped my car at home then got into Justin's car and he drove to Yorkdale
6. Justin drove back to Vaughan
7. Justin drove me back home > Mississauga
8. Then he drove home with Jayare back to Vaughan

I'd tired of the highway now. But yeah we went to Square one, Yorkdale and Wal-mart Superstore. Overall my day was good I got to spend a whole day with my boyfriend.

So once I got home - my friend Kim was telling me about all these things we have to do before college starts which kinda fucked me over big time. I have to do this CPR class for three days for like 9 hours. I also still have to take all these shots, I have to take I think three more trips to the doctors. And I have to have a police record check. Talk about bullshit. Oh yeah and I have to pay for parking as well which sucks ass cause it's like $700 per year. No money spending for me.

OH and I found out I passed my math class with 50%. Thank the Lord.


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