finally I'm getting rid of my sidekick. not only did I get rid of mine but I got rid of my boyfriends to. I was sick of having a sidekick because everyone in the GTA was begining to get one themselves. I'm getting a new phone but I don't wanna say which phone because then everyone will think it's cool and get one themselves. But before I buy my phone I still owe Kim which I'll be paying her back tomorrow finally after all these months.

Other than that I've been sitting on my ass on the computer or sleeping at home. What a waste of a Saturday & Sunday. The only good parts is when Justin came to visit. Which was real thoughtful of him to come and see me. Even if it was for an hour or two.

I've been so paranoid lately - I would like to say that I graduated, but honestly I wouldn't know. I was doing so bad in my math class and I think I failed. But I don't have my report card so I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. If I fail, hello summerschool. If not than I don't care I don't need the grade, just the credit.

Summer is going to be hella boring. I'll be spending most my time with the boyfriend and probably Jade Kim and Jaye. Oh yes and work. Stupid work. My best friend is in Cali and I miss hte fucking shit out of him and he's not coming back till the end of august. Booo.

Canada day plans anyone?


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