pride weekend

lately i've been busy. i've been at work or with my boyfriend. nothing else. i'm pretty tired of blogspot and because my blog is hella ugly. this isn't one of my favorites and it bugs me alot. i'll make a new one when i'm not as lazy.

other than that i cut my hair super duper short. like keri hilson baby. alot of people say it makes me look more mature and that it suits me alot.

also it's pride weekend. on friday i spent my afternoon with boyfriend and jordan. then boyfriend left so we chilled with jade fez and ryan. jordan left. walked around church street at like 12AM. so many people it was pretty fun other than having the phone glued to my ear.

i'm so lazy i don't even like sitting down anymore. which is why i'll end my post.

re-edit @ 10:43PM

so my boyfriend came over for less than an hour. shortest time he has ever been at my house. but whatever i was bored. i was sick of my ugly layout so i made a new one and just when i finsihed is when justin came over. it was so unexpected to, my door to my room was left opened and all i see is my dog going crazy in front of the stairs, there and behold is justin. geeez.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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June 28, 2009 at 10:00 PM  

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