originally my boyfriend knew i was coming to vaughan to help pitch in for his sidekick lx but maybe around rush hour time instead i came there at 2:30 with jaye and surprised him by going inside his school and finding him. it was so funny. anyways afterwards went to pho and brought jaye to walmart so he can buy his things. then to vaughan mills. i love vaughan mills h&m better than square ones. but whatever dropped them both off then droped myself home.
because my boyfriend got the sidekick lx, i wante a sidekick myself which i will be getting maybe today or even tomorrow. yay! but the downside is that its not an lx, its a sidekick id but oh well its pink =] oh and i still want those pink vandals at champs! buy them for me and i'll love you long time.

pictures on jayes blog (jayecabreros.blogspot.com) and justins blog (airjustin.blogspot.com)



spent my saturday with my lovely boyfriend. picked him up at vaughan. went to pho and for the first time i finished before he did. you got pwned ahah! went home and fell asleep. woke up and realized it started to snow. watched coraline with boyfriend, cousin and her boyfriend. loved the movie so much. brought justin home.



so yesterday i went to work from 11 until 6 afterwards i went to vaughan to see my boyfriend. Picked him up at his house then let him take over the wheel and let him drive to jayes. tried calling jayare but he didnt pick up so we just went cruising around. while driving saw a cat/raccon get run over by some other car, it was so epic ahah. ended up going to st.louis, to eat some chicken wings and watch the all star game. thanks jaye! went to wal mart, saw the cricut! fuck i want it so badly. shutup ahah! then drove jaye home, drove boyfriend home stayed at his place for a bit then drove home. good day!

today is family day. went to vaughan to see my boyfriend again! damn i can't stop driving there. picked my boyfriend up and went to pho and then to jayares. while going inside jayares house, justin just left me while i was taking my shoes off. i didn't know where to go so i asked his brother and sister if justin went downstairs and he did so i just followed. jayare your brother and sister are so adorable! i wanted to call jaye but he told us he was going to a baby shower so didn't bother calling him. got bored so we called karl and drove to his house. went on the computer for a bit then drove to playdium with jayare karl and babe. playdium was packed. played games and won plenty of tickets. boyfriend won 2 'jackpots' of tickets. babe also got 3rd highest score for some game. went to mcdonalds and drove them back home and myself back home. honestly for a random day it was fun. and i just realized i am obsessed with arcades and tickets lol!


valentines day

this is weird how i have two posts in one day but so much happened today on valentines day. my boyfriend came over to spend time with me. went to square one - then went for a place to eat ended up going to Swiss chalet. thanks babe for the food. afterwards went home. drove my boyfriend home and went to Vaughan mills with him. went to visit Jaye. went to Karl's house for a bit and i let Justin drive to his house but only in the neighbourhood. dropped boyfriend at home then drove myself home all by myself on the highway for he first time being alone. honestly, i love driving on the highway now. babe i'll be seeing you more often. anyways happy valentines day to everyone, especially to my boyfriend, me love you long time! <3

best friend <3

yesterday i spent my day with my best friend danny nguyen. i picked him up and we went grocery shopping. we made brownies for joey diamond lol! and then talked to him for a bit on aim. before making brownies danny did a photoshoot of me and honestly his work is beautiful. best friend i love you for life <3 sleepover soon!! =]
& happy valentines everyone, especially to my boyfriend <3




i'm at school once again in my co-op class. earlier today was so stressful only because of math. i don't seem to understand trigonometry at all. after class i usually have lunch plus a spare but today i just drove home to talk to my boyfriend and of course eat breakfast/lunch. i ate pancakes for breakfast and in half n hour i ate a Jamaican patty. it was 12:10PM and next period starts at 12:20PM. i drove my ass back to school just in time. Now i'm back onto the computer. During my "15 minute break-time" I got to talking to John Martillano as usual. Ended up talking to my best friend Ulysses as well then talking to Josh. And then John walked me to class - thanks dawggy. Not really excited for today since I have work so yeah.

yesterday i had attempted to create a new layout for my blogspot but unfortunate fail. there was this one big problem that i just didn't know how to fix so i left my current layout up and once i find out how to fix the problem that's when my new layout will be up. something i noticed was that alot more people have gotten blogspots that i need to add. so if you aren't on my current list right now i will be adding you once the new layout is out. Honestly I can't wait until i put the new layout up I'm quite excited. damn i'm such a nerd.

well i haven't much updated recently either so to all those people who stalk and read my blog i apologize for not updating in a while. So i'll recap things/randomness/everything or at least try to.

- many people put thier blogs on private and i find it annoying
- my boyfriends birthday is coming up and im still having thoughts for his present =]
- valentines day is right around the corner
- i recently drove on the highway my first time to go downtown
- and then had gotten my keys taken away because i came home half n hour late
- i found out my colors for prom but im still debating on it
- my friend may create my dress for prom
- i still have no clue what i want to do for after prom
- i recently also got accepted to Sheridan, humber is still an option as well but George brown i'm still waiting
- my tongue piercing is completely healed & i still want my lip and monroe done!
- i changed my choreo for circus (incomplete)
- i owe my cousin $280 for a bridemaid dress
- i am hella broke
- i still want to redecorate my room or even move into the basement
- i want to quit my job!!!!!
- i start working at h&m after family day how exciting!
- i hate how i can't buy crepes anymore because a person who works there dislikes me and doesn't make it properly when i order
- my cousin is going to give birth in march and i have no clue when her babyshower is

i'll try and update as much as possible!


Co-op class

I'm currently in my co-op class and i am hella bored. The snow is so fucking crazy, snowing since this morning - my mother will be driving me to work today cause I don't want to drive in this weather but to bad I still have to drive home from school. anyways i might do co-op at h&m - depending how well my interview goes tomorrow.
I'm such a nerd, I spent one of my spares in the library on the computer trying to do my homework. ew i'm such a loser. but other than that more good news i got accepted into humber college, but i prefer going to George brown. bye bye sheridan. I tried going on to Ontariocolleges.ca but so many people are using it I'm not able to go on it. booo!