it's four in the morning..

and i can't go to fucking sleep - i woke up around 3:30ish and at four i decided to go on the computer since i didn't use the computer last night. it's almost five - i am going to be tired at school today for sure. I'd call my boyfriend but he needs his rest and even if i do call him he'd fall asleep on me for sure but it's ok I'm watching ace of cakes and i love it, if someone buys me a cake from there just for me I'll love you forever.
so I'm basically not working today and I'm deciding if i should actually get to coloring my hair today. I'm choosing from coloring my hair jet black then getting peek-a-boos of very light blonde and also coloring behind my front bangs to be blonde as well and maybe just a tint of pink in my peek-a-boos oh yes and a bit more layers on the top or I'm coloring my hair orange-brown with pink peek-a-boos. I've been thinking about it this whole day and night and that's basically what i want. One of the two, I'm diggin the brown with pink since i've never done it before and my hair has always been dark so i guess it's a surprise i know what i want and i can just do the other one another time. My only problem i don't know how much money i have i blew a $100 basically last week on a hoodie and going downtown with my boyfriend and i want to get my hair professionally done or at least someone who can cut and color good - i know this one person but i'm not quite sure. anyways i'm getting tired i'll write more later on.


so it was pouring rain this morning - and i hell was not going to walk to school. i got a drive by my favorite Godbrother. so school was a piss off, i don't need to explain myself. i fight happened at school. i wasn't surprised this year theres been a lot of nonsense. religion class was so chill except for the fact that my best friend kept bothering me by throwing things at me and pulling my hair. he pulled my ponytail off so my hair was messy and i got real mad. so i took his psp until he gave back my ponytail which was right after school. and right after school i watched the jr. boys volleyball team play - they are so boring. had a little fight session with Jade which was pretty funny, i got to kick her ass in front of the teachers. but anyways i wanted to stay for the senior game to watch my best friend play but i couldn't cause i didn't want to watch the game alone. so my mom picked me up, and we went to office depot near my house. we were printing invitations for my dad's 50th birthday. holy shit my dad is so old. while we were waiting my mom and i were looking at the laptops - and the first thing my mom says is she wants a laptop for her birthday. what the fuck? she doesn't even know how to use it she expects me to save around one grand just for her yeah right. after that conversation i told her about the nikon d-40 once again and to finalize it i am getting one for sure, for my birthday/Christmas but the catch is i have to pay for some of it but i don't mind. i just hope i don't spend any money lately. I've been so fed up with anything that has to do with money. bye bye debit card - i have to put you away. so for everyone who is reading this - my next pay cheque will be for my hair and my contacts once they come in also speaking behalf of my hair i made my decision so you'll have to wait and see - so yeah guys don't let me spend any money on myself or for anyone else and yes that means you JUSTIN cause i always buy you things. the less money i have the longer you'll have to wait for your shoes. so yeah that's it.



first of all im wearing the same hoodie from the day before because it was motherhumping cold. basically went to square one to meet up with Danielle Santos, went on the bus and saw Danny Nguyen. what a coincidence, seeing him for the second day in a row - he didnt bring his sexy camera so that made me sad but o well i was with him and danielle. missioned all the way to st.george station to meet up with my boyfriend. after we split, ate korean bbq with my boyfriend and also bought his the "KISS" poster. saw his friend Ferdie and Ashley. then we left them to go chill with Karl. walked around some more, my boyfriend and karl both left me with their friend Ferdie. So i just spent th rest of the day with Danny. Today had its ups and downs but o well. ph yes, and thanks to my boyfriend for giving me my birthday present 2 months earlier - if you want to know what he got me, look at the second picture. i love you babe =]

myself & my boyfriend



Today was so flop. I was suppose to go downtown with my boyfriend, but I couldn't because my driver flop on me. And not only that I had an interview at 4PM so I couldn't bus there. I ended up going to school, helping out selling unfrozen freezes to the school but whateves. Right after school I went to Square one for my interview and right after my interview, Francis Magnaye called me because he had an interview at 5PM. While I was with him Alfie and his friend Paul bumped into us. Alfie was at square to do a meet-up. We basically just chilled and I went shopping for a really nice hoodie. Anyways I didn't get to dance practice which i'm real sorry for only because by the time i would get there practice would have been done, guys i promise i'll work harder. Anyways we saw Chesca and her boyfriend Adrian, we all went to Friday night live which is basically a football game for schools, my first football game and honestly it was pretty fun at the beginning. I ran into so many people, Danny Nguyen!!!!, Ashley Collins, Charlene, Camille, Patricia, Oj, Gabs, Jaya, Selina and alot more people I can't really think of. Oh my God, Danny Nguyen has one of the sexiest cameras I have ever seen like ever. And he let me take pictures with it, and he took pictures of me and people which will be up anytime soon. Okay so I'm going downtown with Danielle Santos today but chillin with my boyfriend and his friends, I'm excited [=
photo credits - danny nguyen
myself DANNY alfie and paul ( mr. i sound like thee jonas brothers ;] )

WDYWT: Myself Paul and Alflie

Chesca and Myself


practice bitches

civies day today. ate pho with john and nicole. watched part of the football game with rina. went back inside school since school was over. met up with john, john and rina. walked to johns cool house that i'm basically in love with. practiced in his house first then took it outside. learned most of skippin by mario (johns choreo). also showed them my radar choreo even though its still incomplete. pictures will be up soon if i can find them. and i'm also making another choreo to offcial girl by cassie.


To whom it may concern,

Well I'm at the point in my life where things aren't what they seem. I'm stressed which can probably explain the reason of why my face is breaking out. Nothing is going the way I want them to be, but since when did they ever go the way I've ever wanted it to be? And you're probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about well here it is.

I remember when I used to day dream in class - wondering what a perfect guy would be like, you know the one that doesn't care what you look like even if you looked your worst, the one that wants to be there for you 24/7, the one who can support and appreciate you with any decision you make, the one who could tell you just about anything to everything, the one that wants to make you promises they know they'll never break, the one that wants you to be his everything. That's what I call perfect, but there's no such thing as perfect.

No matter how much I try, nothing seems to change. whether I'm trying to speak to you or putting any effort to try and see you, it never happens. It's like your ignoring me or even trying to avoid me, is there something your trying to hide? or am i just assuming things like i always do? I know your busy and I completely understand that but right now, I just don't like the way things are going. I love everything about you don't get me wrong but you don't seem to put any effort in this relationship. I don't care about the things you get me, I don't care what people or our families have to say about us, money doesn't mean anything to me when it comes to you and you know that. The only thing that matters to me is us, but how can there be us if i feel like I'm the only one carrying it. I don't seem as important to you anymore, just a person there to talk to you. And you're probably thinking of how selfish i am, saying that only i should matter in your life but really it doesn't seem like I matter to you at all and that's what i mean. i put you first before anything, and lately, i don't get that from you, but yet i still try to make you happy. All I'm saying is I'm not blaming for anything. I wish things were better, I wish you could see this from my point of view and understand how I'm feeling.


triple j.r

today i had absolutely nothing to do, so once Justin went to work i started working on the radar dance for goetz-a-java auditions. Even though we probably wont be doing the radar dance for the audition i might as well have started to choreograph it. So yeah i didn't finish but at least i started. i changed maybe the beginning like four times because i wasn't satisfied with it. i think i have a full chours to finish. anyways i'll finish up the dance over the week. i have to start working on my transformers assignment for english since i'm basically working four days in a row. and it's due on the 22 of september. first practice for triple j.r at my house on wednesday [= i'm so excited to learn all of johns choreos.


so i just finished my in car driving lessons. yep. school was boring, second period was my downfall today. why? i don't want to talk about it. during lunch Rina and john and i were discussing what to name dance teams name which is now triple J R, because there's 3 of us who start with J and Rina starts with R so yeah. i'm officially makin a choreo to radar.
anyways im really gay so i'm going to put a couple of things i want for my birthday since some people also known as JAYE thinks my original list to long. so these are the things i mainly want.
- any of the shoes from my original list
- adidas track jackets
- winter/fall jacket from h&m or aritzia (gray or olive) prefer the olive one
- lip peircing
- anime geo circle contact lenses (CP-A1)
- extreme hair makeover =]


goetz a java

goetz a java this year with john? i pretty much have not tried out for goetz a java through out my 3 years of being at goetz. since it's my last year I've decided to yes, try out with john Rina and that other john guy whom i don't know yet but seen around school. Anyways i was real stressed out from work yesterday and my mom and dad didn't even check out the car i wanted cause they are both idiots. they can't put aside their problems for just one little favor i ask. just to check out the car. honestly if i didn't have to go to work yesterday they probably would have gone and i would probably would have went with them. and yes i am mad at both of my parents right now.


surprise surprise

today went to school as usual. nothing new watched transformers in English and Ferris bluer's day off in religion. After school my mom drove me home and we were talking about cars. my mom told me she'll buy me a car as long as it's under $3000 and it has to be a Honda civic made from 1997 - 2000, but since my dad is the fucking coolest dad ever he wants me to buy me one from 2004 for any price. SURPRISE! that made my day. anyways i keep spending my money and i'm trying to save my money so i could basically buy my mom, my dad and probably my older brother all a tattoo for their birthdays. yeah i wonder what they'll be getting me for my birthday.. oh i know a nikon d40. well, lets just hope they'll buy me one. anyways i have to get ready for work.



i went to work this morning and i started off doing cash. as much as i hate doing cash, most customers were making me frustrated. first off these two ladies didn't even speak English, it takes them six minutes to finally come to an agreement of what to order - they ask how much it is. turns out it was $8.34 and they started complaining, hello i don't make the prices i just work here so stop complaining - five minutes later they change their minds, like honestly they didn't just make me mad, my co-workers were mad too, since they already made their stupid food. Second of all, why is it that a lot of people ask for tap water, why cant they just go to the stupid washrooms and use the fucking water fountain. i hate it especially when they don't even buy anything. Thirdly when the pop machine is broken they have to interrupt me while I'm taking another customers order, like fuck I'm not going to fix it - i don't even know how to fix it. Fourth, its just fucking annoying to see a long ass line-up, and its even worse when you've been in line for about 10 minutes and it's your turn to order you don't even know what the fuck to order, Stupid people your wasting your fucking time standing there just daydreaming. And lastly to all those people who EXPECT me to give them free food, you're all assholes and you clearly need to fucking pay for your own food. it's a different story when i offer you food so shut the fuck up, same thing goes for hook ups. You don't hook me up with shit so why the hell should i hook you up? I hate how that's just one of my jobs, my other job is fucked up - they call me 24/7 expecting me to work everyday, but i won't complain about that as much.
it's nice to let it all out. but anyways today was also my brothers birthday party. i felt bad because i was working on his real birthday and i worked today on his birthday party. to make it up to him i bought him iron man for xbox 360 and before that i gave him my countdown pack 13s. i guess you could say I'm a good sister. anyways going to watch some disease show on tlc.


pick a color

I'm so tired, even though i didn't do anything today. i didn't go to my driving lessons this morning because i was to tired to wake up to early. i didn't even get to go to Eaton's with my mom but it's ok. i ended up watching 3 movies today. first movie i watched was what happens in Vegas, in my opinion i liked it a lot. i cried like three times. next movie i watched was baby's mama what waste of an hour and a half. it was so boring and a pretty dumb story line. third movie i watched was ATL and i have to say, i loved every second of that movie. T.I and that girl whoever it was, looked like such a cute couple. anyways i finished scanning pictures for my dads birthday surprise. finally after like a week of scanning. also today i looked at my hair and realized i didn't like it no more, so I'm cutting it once again and probably coloring it as well. and I'm not showing anyone what it looks like except Justin. but i need help on picking colors.sooo should it be ...

  • black
  • orange
  • brown
  • .....any of the above with blonde under dye

so help me pick !


Miss Independent...

Today is P.A day, which means no school today. I wanted to go to Vaughan today to go see my boyfriend but i figured if i got there he would be in school and by the time he gets out of school I'd have to leave since he has work. So i just chose to stay in Mississauga and go work the whole day at one of my jobs. Tomorrow i get to go downtown with my mom, she's meeting up with one of her old classmates since she was younger. Anyways I fell in love with the song miss independent by Ne-yo. I listen to it and dance to it 24/7. I should make a choreo to it, but only when i have time. I should probably get to work now.

By the way did i menchin my birthday is in 68 days? my birthday wishlist is somewhere on the internet if you don't know what to get me ;]

Reminder: wake up at 4:30AM tomorrow for driving lessons.


instead of "Cheese" say "Hi"

Today was picture day at school, my picture turned out better than any of my other school pictures. So I'm satisfied with that but the lady was weird but nice instead of saying "cheese" i had to say "hi", weird i know. Anyways I'm real upset because my friend Danilo, his pug gave birth to pure breed pug puppies, and he's selling them. i told him i want one really badly. the thing is i have to give him $600. I honestly thought i could do it until today, because i just realized how much money i would be spending in the next couple of months. i save up things for my family because everyone in my family their birthdays are all coming up from September until November not only that but i have to save up for insurance for my car that i will be getting soon and Christmas is in a couple of months. So everything sucks, my birthdays coming up too - but i'm not expecting much. I'm also getting another pair of Geo circled contact lenses as well, shit. I'm going to be poor again.


HEY Jasmine, what did you do all day ?

NOTHING, other than driving lessons. I woke up extra early on a Saturday morning because of the driving lessons, since my driving instructor has a trillion-zillion people to teach he makes me have classes at 6:30AM until 9:00PM. crazy right? I drove one of his students home then we went straight to learning. My instructor's pretty cool for a brown guy, he's married to a Filipino lady - and he taught my aunt and my mom how to drive. Once we were done, i drove home and collapsed on the bed and fell asleep for a good hour or two until Justin calls me - even though he ruined my sleep, i ruined his sleep earlier so we're even. Justin told me he was going to chill with Jaye, so yes i was bored, very bored. thanks alot Jaye, no im kidding. anyways one of my co-workers called me and asked if i could work today and tomorrow i said sure but only for today cause i'm working at my other job tomorrow. i'm so broke, i need money. So basically all that matters to me at the moment is school, driving lessons, money, and my boyfriend - once he makes time for me!!!


first day of school

woke up extra early only to wake up my younger brother, guess he was excited to show off his Mohawk? anyways so i dressed up and went to school. Alisha calls me and asks where i was, i wasn't even at school yet. i ended up meeting up with her. i have no homeroom, so i spend my spare with John, Trisha, Renz etc. afterwards went to my second period, English. and guess who's there Jade and Kim. Finally a class with two of my family friends. I have a feeling my English class is going to be hard for me to focus in, since i sit beside jade. next period i have lunch. and right after that i have religion with my favorite religion teacher, Adamson! I have that class Ulysses, James, Tamara and a lot more people. Then I have body works, with the same teacher as last year with the same people in my class as last year, kind of. when school was over i went home. And Yes i walked home since i don't have my G2 yet, but soon I will hopefully. Fell asleep for the rest of the day.


last 24 hours of summer

so today i wanted to surprise Justin once he got off work - but he ruined it because he caught me. anyways took wonder bus and once i got there i see Justin and Jayare standing as if they were models for a photoshoot ahaha. we basically chilled around vaughan mills, surprised Jaye while he was at work. Once Jaye finished work we went to Wendys and ate. They dropped me all at the bus stop then left. Okay, yes i was bored today, but it was nice spending my last 24 hours of summer with Jayare, Jaye and my boyfriend. Nice meeting you Jayare!