finally I'm getting rid of my sidekick. not only did I get rid of mine but I got rid of my boyfriends to. I was sick of having a sidekick because everyone in the GTA was begining to get one themselves. I'm getting a new phone but I don't wanna say which phone because then everyone will think it's cool and get one themselves. But before I buy my phone I still owe Kim which I'll be paying her back tomorrow finally after all these months.

Other than that I've been sitting on my ass on the computer or sleeping at home. What a waste of a Saturday & Sunday. The only good parts is when Justin came to visit. Which was real thoughtful of him to come and see me. Even if it was for an hour or two.

I've been so paranoid lately - I would like to say that I graduated, but honestly I wouldn't know. I was doing so bad in my math class and I think I failed. But I don't have my report card so I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. If I fail, hello summerschool. If not than I don't care I don't need the grade, just the credit.

Summer is going to be hella boring. I'll be spending most my time with the boyfriend and probably Jade Kim and Jaye. Oh yes and work. Stupid work. My best friend is in Cali and I miss hte fucking shit out of him and he's not coming back till the end of august. Booo.

Canada day plans anyone?


pride weekend

lately i've been busy. i've been at work or with my boyfriend. nothing else. i'm pretty tired of blogspot and because my blog is hella ugly. this isn't one of my favorites and it bugs me alot. i'll make a new one when i'm not as lazy.

other than that i cut my hair super duper short. like keri hilson baby. alot of people say it makes me look more mature and that it suits me alot.

also it's pride weekend. on friday i spent my afternoon with boyfriend and jordan. then boyfriend left so we chilled with jade fez and ryan. jordan left. walked around church street at like 12AM. so many people it was pretty fun other than having the phone glued to my ear.

i'm so lazy i don't even like sitting down anymore. which is why i'll end my post.

re-edit @ 10:43PM

so my boyfriend came over for less than an hour. shortest time he has ever been at my house. but whatever i was bored. i was sick of my ugly layout so i made a new one and just when i finsihed is when justin came over. it was so unexpected to, my door to my room was left opened and all i see is my dog going crazy in front of the stairs, there and behold is justin. geeez.


it's whatever baby

I'm sorry bloggers who think I put my blog on private. I only put my blog on private when I'm upating my blog. Not really satisfied with my blog but it was all i could think of last minute. other than i'll update on whats happening. i cut my hair super short like keri hilson, i'll be coloring it like hers to I just don't know when. I spent most of my weekend with my boyfriend yay! and I spent my friday with jordan, danny, angela shi, lawrence, jaye and babe. Oh yeah I'm also officially done school!


im back and fml

over the weekend i was in sudbury for my cousins wedding. it's a 4 hour drive from where i live. honestly everything started bad and ended up being bad.
- i couldn't go to my last day of co-op
- i made 60 cupcakes for my h&m employees that i couldn't drop off so my family ate them
- only got one hour of sleep throughout the ride there cause of discomfort
- my dog had to come along cause my neighbours weren't at home
- sudbury is hella ghetto filled with homeless / crackhead thugs
- the priest was pretty rude during rehersal
- i didn't get to jam with my cousins due to how tired i was
- i got sick cause of my aunt
- my aunts/uncles dont know how to use a GPS system so i had to do it for them
- i couldn't swim in the pool because it was super cold (i stayed in the hot tub)
- before the wedding i was the only bridesmaid on time
- after the wedding the food was nasty except the chicken (i got itis)
- i didn't go to the pub cause i was hella tired
- i got locked out of my own hotel room cause my dog escapes and i left the key in the hotel room
- my gay uncles talked to me about sex and penis sizes which was really scary
- while taking pictures with the wedding party it started to rain
- my dog shit in the hotel room
- the shampoo/conditioner was shit as hell
- during the BBQ i became really sick and tried so i was sleeping in the car
- my parents ignored my sickness to party hard...idiots
- going home was scary and pissed me off
- i held my piss in for a really long time until we found a resting area
- i couldn't sleep throughout the whole ride home
- i was in such discomfort that my mucsles in my lower back / legs became so sore
- when i got home i couldn't walk
- justin called me and i was crying because the pain in my body

honestly the only good things were
- seeing my cousin get married
- watching her baby get baptised
- looking at the cool ponds / lakes / rivers / huge rocks / boats ect.
- i saw a black bear while going home
- being at home

...word, i'm never going there EVER again.


dear bloggers

you are boring.

word to christian though. out of all the blogs i follow - he's the only person i actually like following via blogspot. he updates twice as much as anyone i know and his blogs are pretty cool, interesting and weird. check out his blog > http://mangoandbagoong.blogspot.com/

stole this off christian by the way, missed this episode due to work, fuck work!



was bittersweet. started off by picking up Justin at his school. back to my house then square one to eat and back to my house once again. Justin fell asleep while i was doing my hair and makeup. we eventually got ready and took plenty of pictures. once we got there everyone was just chilling at the entrance. we go inside and it takes hours just for the food. food was alright, meat wasn't that great but the salad, vegetables and potatoes were bomb. crepe wasn't that great either but oh well. eventually music starts playing, music was shit so me and Justin were just sitting in the hallway, some people were taking pictures and just chilling. me and Justin left early and ate McDonald's and back to my house. we eventually fell asleep and then Justin's dad picked him up at 2AM. i was beat tired. so prom was alright. photo credits to Justin.

brother & sister

me & babe


buy my shit!

I'm in debt, I need money and these don't fit me anymore.

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