safe sex.. is sexy!

jade, danny and i went to vaughan. spent some time with justin, kae anne and phan. went to visit jaye, spent like halfn hour chillin with him and kae anne. afterwards boyfriend came and bought me food. thanks jezer for the hook up, too bad i couldn't finish. boyfriend and jaye brought me to pj's pet store express. i want a ferret now. other than that pretty chill day.

stayed home. slept for three to four hours. went to jades house to chill. picked up kim. then drove myself home. borrrrring asss friday.

justin picked me up, went to like three malls. square one, yorkdale, and vaughan mills. boyfriend got some levi's and some taco vila. boyfriend also bought me a shirt from h&m thanks babe. drove to kae annes for her 18th. only stayed for an hour and a half since i had to be home by 10pm. past out once i got home.

on a side note:
  • prom is this friday.. hella excited
  • someone buy my bred xi's!
  • i need to color my hair
  • i still have to buy plenty of things for prom
  • 2009/05/25


    Most of us all upload pictures via photobucket. I've had this one account for about maybe since i was in grade seven/eight so it's about six years. I recently went through all the photos i've uploaded and to tell you the truth I've changed alot throughout the months/years. So as a little treat I'm going to show everyone what I once looked like before. These pictures range from grade seven til present.


    stomp urban hiphop competition

    i finally got my prom dress plus my prom shoes total cost equals $100 flat. i also called my aunt to book a day at her nail salon yaaaah man. i got to spend time with my best friend that day as well. speaking of my best friend check out his youtube channel > http://youtube.com/steeznguyen

    work up mad early. picked up my best friend and bought tickets for the go bus to head downtown. Andrew also came with us. subwayed down to dufferin to meet up with Jaye and Wendy. then bused to stomp. we got there around 11AMish and the doors didn't open until 12:30PM. we were basically first in line. Jowell came out and fed us, thanks cutie. Eventually went inside watched performances, some were pretty shit and boring. Lawrence came a little bit later. we had three rows basically cheering for both C2 GNS and C2 GNS JRS. They both won first place in their division. After the competition, i was stuck loafting which i hate. i also had a major headache from screaming and not eating much. oh yeah,it was me and Justin's 33 months today as well. after million of hours of loafting boyfriend, Danny and i went to eat Korean BBQ with Angela Lawrence and Calvin but Korean BBQ was to full so we ended up just going across the street eating Swiss chalet. Lawrence was teaching most of us how to speak Japanese which was cool we all eventually left. me and Danny were waiting in the go bus waiting to leave, Christine Le and Vince Lao came in the bus. we got to talking. they went to spotlight. well anyways back to Mississauga and i drove all of them home then myself home and passed out while being on the phone with my boyfriend. good day and congrats to the team once again and happy 33 months babe.

    random black chick got into the picture


    Victoria day long weekend..Disaster

    I haven't really been updating much due to the reasons of me never being home. I wasn't the only person realizing I haven't been home lately. My parents have been on my ass. They're fed up with me coming home at 11 PM even though it's not even that late. As consequence they took my car keys for a week. I have to find my own way of transportation and not rely on them since the only time I talk to my parents is when I need something. I can see where they're coming from. How I'm not at home, Not spending family time with them and coming home late. But then again, they don't even want to spend time with me. They come and go , coming back from shopping and leaving for a family get together at someone house and I'm never invited or ever asked to come along. So my parents complain about me not spending time with them when they don't even ask me to come along. My parents also don't listen to me and all of a sudden became strict after I got my license.

    I recently keep getting attacked by my older sibling as well over stupidness. because I woke him up for school and I left the lights in his room on he viciously comes into my room and throws the garbage at me and even throws around the furniture all over my room. Asshole that's all I have to say. And just yesterday he threw a kitchen chair at me because I opened the door for him late. first of i didn't know I was home alone. Second buy a fucking house key. Third, I was sick and tired of his bullshit, I was sick of everyone in my family pushing me around. I'm the only daughter and the middle child. I honestly went crazy. I trashed the basement I broke mirrors, I pulled out cords from the xbox and computer, threw furniture everywhere, threw many things everywhere, and make the biggest mess I could. Felt great, Bitch didn't know it was coming - Well grow the fuck up I'm not letting you stomp all over me anymore, you fucking failure at life! Anyways enough about ranting.

    My boyfriend finally got his license. Thank you! After he finsihed his license I drove to his house and spent the whole day with him. We ate KFC, he tried the wrapster and I ate some popcorn chicken, yummy. From there we walked around Vaughan Mills for a bit. And then to St. Joan of Arc to pick up Jayare. We went to promenade mall. My first time going there. Was pretty nice except for the fact they had a T&T in the mall so it smelled like fish. After the mall went to Jayares to chill for a bit then back to Joan of Arc for "taste of joan" which is basically a multi-cultural thingy at his school. My boyfriend dance team TAG was preforming at the very end of the show. I saw his team practice before they did the actually preformance. but to kill time I showed my boyfriend the single ladies dance, I did it better for him than for jayare and whoever else was watching. And also for killing time my boyfriend was teaching me his dance freeze. I love his choreo for freeze. We didn't get to finish but it was ok. Next time. Eventually they preformed and I went home.

    First off went to Jades to kill some time and I made them breakfest. Then picked up Danny and drove downtown. Ran into Greg and Patricia at American Apparel then drove them to Gns since we were going there anyways. Watched the team practice. Thanks Jayare for the pizza. And Thanks to Andrew Bautisita for the Stomp tickets! Yeah Bitches I'm going to stomp! =] After practice went to Chakko which is a type of Korean BBQ. Went with babe and Danny. After eatting dropped off boyfriend and went straight home. This was the night i got my keys taken away.

    Jade picked me up. Chilled with Brandon, Erica, Renz, Jeremy, Karen, Joseph and Kim. Most of us fell asleep during the day. I made them breakfest again. Watched videos on worldstarhiphop.com. funny shit on that site. it was nice meeting Karen and Joseph. Dropped Karen Brandon and Joseph at the terminal. Then Jade dropped me home. pretty chill day.

    This was the day I trashed the basement. Didn't do much this day. Jade and Brandon picked me up around 8ish. Went to Mcdonalds. They did their business. I ended up flopping on them cause I got tired. Sorry Brandon and Jade next time. I swear! Oh yeah I didn't go to work this day, because I had no way of getting to work. Damnnn Parents!

    Victoria day, I want to do some fireworks today. I slept and did my blog today. Whooopieee! I know this is a really long post, but oh well if you don't read all of it you may get confused at some parts. Other than that I like my blog.

    Photos from Thursday, Photo credits to Danny Nguyen


    weekend recap

    i worked all day long and went to sleep

    i thought this day was going to be so boring, the weather killed my mood. it was raining so i had doubts by seeing justin. tried making plans with danny but like i said weather killed by mood but it turned out sunny and warm and surprise justin came over. he left his gns chillin time for me awwwe, ahah. gave justin yummy pasta and headed off to sherway. it was my first time actually inside sherway for the first time. i felt like i was in the states. but yeah loafted alot, and motha fucka i want mc hammer pants. well yeah after sherway picked up danny and headed off to vaughan, but before going to vaughan some lady asked justin for $10 due to she needed gas since she was moving and she was by herself and unfortunatley had no money whatsoever. at least he did something good. from there we went to vaughan and while we were driving to vaughan we saw a fucking dead deer in the middle of the highway and we almost ran over it but we didn't but it was gross. called up lawrence and angela to chill with us. and went to vaughan mills and we went to visit jaye. we ended up chillin at lawrences house. which is so chill. then we all left.


    mothers day, i got her nothing. i worked all day long and chilled with kim for a bit. and then i went home. weekend sucked except saturday.


    emeyrie (EM-ER-REEEE)

    i've been skipping first period alot and just staying home to relax cause things are a bit complicated at the moment. i realized i have absolutely no time to just rest and chill. from Mondays to Friday i work at h&m for three hours per day and three times in the same week i go work somewhere else oh and i always work on Sundays. so the only day i ever have off is Saturday. but i never rest on Saturday because hello it's Saturday i wanna be with my boyfriend or family or friends. summer better be worth waiting for.

    other than that yesterday i went to Vaughan to chill with my boyfriend. i picked him up from school and went to his house and made some mac&cheese. from there we picked up karl and off to Vaughan mills for justins and karls interview. i decided to walk around the mall while they were doing there interview. i bought some voodoo dolls that hang from your cell phone from one's. i gave justin the better one. i ended up talking around the mall for a good hour until justin called me. we were waiting for karl to get interviewed so i just chilled with bentzen and justin. went to henrys and best buy then ate at licks. chilled at karls for a bit then went home.

    when i got home it was a whole nother story. my niece emeyrie was at my house. she's only a month old. we were babysitting her while my cousin and her fiance were going to marriage school. i've never really got to see emeyrie up close and with her eyes opened. every time i saw her she was sleeping and wearing a hat. when i got inside the house she was awake and she was the cutest baby ever. she's half filipino half white. and did i men chin she is the smallest shit ever. her dad is monster huge and she's the size of his foot. i took care of her for a good half n hour. carrying her. she likes to move alot and like to make weird noises. i'm officially emeyrie's babysitter. yaaah man.

    P.S - someone buy me a camcorder so i can start making VLOGS =]


    something different

    went to square one. walked around with boyfriend. just cruising around. ate pho. my house. chilled. went to heartland. baskin robins. thanks for the food babe. back to my house. learned the begining of 'freeze'. let boyfriend drive my car on the highway. vaughan mills. visit jaye. saw angela lawrence and friend. watched them play the "txting challenge". went to sirens and saw the dress i wanted to bad they only had size large, sucks. drove home. pictures will be up soon.

    make a wish!

    happy 18th birthday danny nguyen and jade canonizado!

    love you guys!

    what a coincidence, my best friend and my cousin have the same birthday.
    i hope you two have the best birthday ever!