made my day

today started off wrong. it felt like something wasn't right which got me stressing through work. i was late for work and i was being a slack. jade came by and then i told her to come back in half n hour cause i was getting off at that time. after work i chilled with jade and brandon. walked around SQ1 then went to playdium and then to starbucks and back to SQ1. had some talks with both of them during the day. being with jade and brandon honestly made my day. thanks guys. waited for my mom to pick me up, she finally came back so i had to say bye to jade and brandon. now i'm at home being bored.


less than a dollar

So today was kinda weird. Walked my ass to SQ1 in the heat wearing jeans and a cardigan - boy was I stupid. Had to go get a direct deposit sheet at TD bank because I got another job at loblaws superstore. And the best thing about it is I get paid every week whoooohooo! I'm still debating weather or not I should quit my other job. Okay well anyways, I also went to UB to get some business taken care of. Turns out they don't give refunds they only do exchanges. I got so mad cause I had to buy my brother his stupid Microsoft points for his xbox 360. So since I have absolutely no money in my debit card I decided to use my UB credit at UB since I couldn't use it anywhere else. While I was there I ran into someone who my friend knew and she was going to buy something. So I asked her to take my 22 dollars worth of UB credit in exchange for a 20. And she accepted. Thanks to whatever her name was. As soon as I got the money I ran my ass to Zellars and bought my kid brother his Microsoft points. Then I walked back home... and did I men chin it got much hotter outside. After getting home and giving my brother his xbox thingy, I just ran into my room disappointed that I have less than a dollar in my debit card. And since there was nothing to do I decided that I should go to sleep. Then my brother runs into my room and says "Is this yours?" and hes holding two boxes. And it was my new cell phone. Geeez after doing something good..something good happened to me. So bye bye broken screen phone and HELLLO samsung SGH-E747. eww I'm such a loser [:


Boring Saturday

So today was real boring. cleaned my room this morning and now it's messy again. went to some wedding after party. pretty lame and I only stayed there for about half an hour then went back home. Told my cousin Kenneth to come over and bring his camera. I basically became a camera-hoe as you can see on my banner. My banner didn't come out the way I wanted it to be because of the sun, everytime I would change my clothes the sun would set. And the camera dude (Kenneth) kept changing angles. I'll redo it again but for now on that's all I could do, I tried making it funky looking but it still looks kinda gross. But hey I'm satisfied with it. I also took pictures of my dog Jico whom everyone hates excluding Justin and I think Jade. Anyways after updating I got bored with my blog and updated it. I watched a bit of Teenage mutant ninja turtles with my cousin then went to Harvey's with my cousin and then came back home. Pretty boring day.

My cutie Patootie

ahahahahahahha! stupid chink.

my brother playing xbox360, as usual

my cousin



Exams week is FINISHED & School is officially over

Today was my last exam > math ... I think I did pretty good even though I didn't study because I have no notes for that class. slacker? NOPE, teacher can't teach. After exam waited for my Godbrother to finish his exam. Once he finished he drove me home. Watched Ellen, it was a mothers' day special..and what the fuck since when was jessica alba pregnant? weird. Walked to harvey's and bought two cheeseburgers, yuuumm. Now that I think about it I've been eatting junk food everyday of this week and falling alseep right after I eat, very unhealthy. Well yeah I did fall alseep today since 12PM until 2:45PM. And I have work from 5 until closing I think. So anyways schools finally over. hello summer [:


mall rat much?

law exam... it was easy. after finishing the exam Andrew and I walked to SQ1 but before we got to SQ1 we found a wallet at a parking lot. And we rightfully returned it. Call me stupid if you want, but there was honestly nothing to take and karma's a bitch. So we brought it to the police station and then went straight to the food court to eat some taco bell. After eating we basically walked around and all i see is 50%SALE I'm in heaven. Urban behavior had a 50% sale and I bought 2 shorts and a top, then went home. I tried on the clothes and realized that the shorts didn't even fit. So my cousin Shayne and I went return it and go shopping all over again. This time I bought another pair of jeans from sirens and some other things. Probably my fifth pair of skinny jeans that I own. My cousin did her shopping as well and she brought me home. Today was alright, holy shit I'm a mall rat again GROSS! and tomorrow I'm going to fail math ]:



Another boring day. Woke up and ate harvey's for brunch. Pretty much stayed on the phone with Justin practically the whole day. I should be studying for my exams.. but I keep getting distracted thanks to him. It's okay though once abdc 2 is over I'll start reviewing.


Day going by so Slow

As usual woke up at 7:30AM, dressed up and went off to school for my second exam which I did not study for. Thank God it was all multiple choice and true/false. Finished the exam in less than an hour. Had to wait for my God brother to finish his exam so he can drive me to the mall. Waited an hour for him. Then went to SQ1 to pick up my pay cheque. Bought some taco bell and bussed myself home. Passed out right when I got home and was awoken by Justin`s phone call three hours later. Had Noodle Wok for dinner. And from there just glued myself infront of the computer. Now watching 'A shot of Love with Tila Tequila'.


Exam Week

So this week is basically all about exams. Here are my following exams:

Monday - English
Tuesday - Marketing
Wednesday - None
Thursday - Law
Friday - Math

Finished up my English exam today and it was pretty easy. After the exam I bussed to SQ1 with Alisha. Walked around. I helped her pick out a gift for her parents` 30Th Anniversary. She bought these funky looking frames at Green Earth. Green Earth has the most amazing things ever. Alisha eventually left and I pretty much chilled at SQ1 with Erica for a while. Bussed home and took a nap. After I woke up, I went to work. Work was a pain. Some lady complained about not wearing gloves, both my co-workers we`re pretty much arguing and I also burned my finger. Worst day ever.


Happy Fathers Day !

Today`s Fathers Day and I basically didn't get my dad anything because I spent all my money on myself/other people. I feel bad but I'll make it up to my dad this week. Today was also PND @ Mississauga Valleys. I wanted to go just to spend time with my family but I had to work so it sucked. So being a bitch at work made alot of sense. And after explaining to my boss about it he left me leave half-n hour early. Which didn't make a difference. But whatevs.

Also yesterday Justin came over and we chilled. Went to SQ1 then walked back to my house then to pho and back to my house. Good day but eventually Justin had to leave and I had to go to my cousins. Since my cousins house was so boring i took a million pictures of myself with his camera.
Photo Credits to Justin > http://airjustin.blogspot.com/

part of my bedroom

my dog Jico

Sleepy head [:

this is what happens when i'm real bored