this woman's worth

I'm hella excited, prom is close and summer is right next door. i've decided to go to prom of course with my boyfriend. found my dress, now my mom should be buying the dress for me - but my dress is pretty cheap which is a good thing. color is still undecided. before prom i have to get my nails done, tan my white feet, get a haircut, buy the dress with matching shoes. ooohh i'm so excited.

i've only recently realized what my mom and dad go through everyday. having to take care of three kids who don't help out around the house. its disaster. while my parents were in vegas and L.A; i've been taking care of my brothers and dog. i've been stressed and sick throughout the whole time not to men chin not going to work for seven days, i'm going to be poor.
After being on the phone with my mom and dad it put the biggest smile on my face. I miss my parents, they come back tomorrow night. that means i have to clean my room and the whole house but i'm lazy right now. i'll do it eventually.

so i haven't really been updating but heres a little rundown on what i've been doing my past few days.
i've actually started another dance without finishing the other dances i already started on; the song is by maxwell it's called this woman's worth - it's from the movie 'love&basketball'. it would be so much better if i had a guy partner helping me choreograph the rest. i'd rather have it as a couple routine but i'll just make it simple as of for now.

oh yea speaking of my prom, after prom its grad and if your my family and your thinking of what to get me as a graduation present. i want a puppy that never grows or a camcorder or a new desktop computer with sims 3 when it comes out! thanks your the best!


zomg -__-

two posts in one day. yeah so this is what happens when my parents aren't home and my boyfriend is out. i was sick, sick like a mother fucker. the weather was so warm and hot. tell me how i fucking hated it. i woke up crying, knowing that no one could take care of me. i miss my parents - i really do. since my older brother went to work i had to make food for my cousins. i made them soup, but i didn't make enough so i didn't get any. i tried sleeping and i got non-stop phone calls from people every 15 minutes. when i finally decide to stay awake no one called. my cousins went to my other cousins house - they live about a five minute walk from my house. i was really hungry so i took me and my younger brother to McDonald's. we ate and i thought if i ate junk food that I'd fall asleep right after, i was so wrong. i ended up cleaning my room, the living room, the kitchen and washing dishes. i did all of this before 4pm. i ended up staying on the computer for the rest of the day except for driving my younger brother to his friends party. oh and i did get to talk to Jaye.

so since i was staying at home with my hands glued to the laptop i finally decide i should watch a movie on watchvideos.net. i checked out the new releases and found out that the grudge 3 came out. if you know me you'd know i hate the grudge. at first it was hilarious and i laughed non-stop but it ended up getting to me. I'd watch the grudge 3 right now but I'm to pussy to. i really wanna watch earth but i wanna watch it with my boyfriend. and i also saw another preview of the movie up. ZOMG up is one hilarious movie just by watching that one preview. the preview was not the trailer. i basically know what happens in the movie now but i won't ruin it for people.

on a side note my cousin and her boyfriend are coming here to "party" i guess. but i told my friends to not come anymore due to the fact that I'm sick. I'd rather have just some family bonding time. other than that, i miss my boyfriend. it sucks how my parents are gone for a week and he won't be able to come over and see me. booooooooooo!

aaaaaaa sssshaaaa

went downtown yesterday. went to GNS with danny, waited for the bus at sherbourne station for 30 minutes. turns out angela shi and ryan were behind us the whole time. surprised a couple of people when we arrived at GNS. watched their practice. George from supremesoul came by. met alot more people. ate pho, thanks for the food babe. then brandons house and drove back home.

now i'm at home being sick. i miss my parents. i hate being to responsible especially when i'm sick. my room is so messy to. i had so much fun last night except for what happened at the end of GNS, scared me and i felt terrible. I heard their both fine now and that's all that should matter.
photo credits: danny nguyen


32 months

it's me and Justin's 32 months today. since we live far we won't spend our day together and he has work later boo.

on a side note i just finsihed watching my boyfriends choreos to come on over & freeze. im in love with his freeze routine. him and his friend Angela did a good job. bwhaha my boyfriend got pwned. Angela did a better job than he did. anyways he better teach me it or else. lawl.

i'm bored. i'm not working today so i'm going to try and force myself to clean my room even though its not that messy. and i need to grab money off my mother and make her grocery shopping. house - parents = brothers and me.... FREEDOM!



i'm at home. i went shopping. i'm excited for tomorrow, honestly i really am. parents gone, going to see my boyfriend, chillin with my cousins and best friend. can't get any better.
and i love it when people comment on my blogs.


we're living in a dog eat dog world

so today was such a stupid day at school. i fought with this girl over a stupid calculator. i know stupid right? i eventually started to cry cause she kept calling me stupid, a slut and a bitch. i did not cry over a stupid calculator, but i did cry because someone yelled at me for nothing!

after having that big argument, i wanted to talk to one of my friends. instead of that she ended up making me cry even more by telling me that we drifted, that we went our separate ways as the semester went on and that there is no friend€ship between us anymore. I just walked away crying and drove to my cousin jades house. From there my cousin helped me out. I always count on my cousin jade when something goes wrong. I love her to death even though shes one crazy chick.

well i also wanted to update my blog because last time i did it was i think two weeks ago. but anyways Friday my parents leave for Vegas, cool right? not really i wanted to spend time with my boyfriend but he made plans already so i made some plans with jade. on Friday I'm going downtown with jade. Danny if your reading this come! same with you Jaye! i haven't seen Jaye for the longest time and same with Danny i haven't seen him since i took him shopping lawl. anyways i thought if i went downtown i could see my boyfriend. but no alone time but hey I'd rather see him than not see him at all. anyways I'm just going to type out some points of what happened to me in the last time i updated.
- i got glasses
- I've been busy with working alot
- i helped Jaye with blogs
- need to watch the movie earth
- stop from doing drugs, i promised Jordan & Justin! but i fail
- food poisoning yesterday from eating Asian gourmet at square one
- food poisoning on Sunday night which lead to Monday morning
- i want to go to prom but i don't wanna spend any money
- need to get new tires on my car
- 17, again is an alright movie i watched online
- feel like going shopping but i have to really stop
- im still at my cousins house and i may be late for work at h&m
- i don't wanna work later
- something i wrote here are facts lawl

ok i'm done writing maybe i'll write more later on.


duckie =]

boyfriend came over, went to cousin josies house with my other cousin shayne & her boyfriend paul to pick up the dresses for josies wedding. ate at umi sushi, which was really good...california rolls droooool. chilled a bit at my house afterwards then drove my boyfriend home. anyways note to self, do homework tomorrow.


i kissed a girl & my bf liked it

downtown with jade and Danny, best friend and favorite cousin yay! saw boyfriend & GNS people took pictures with a couple of people, then gave my boyfriend my last $20 bill then left because i wanted to go shopping but fail, my debit card was declining. i just got the new debit card that has the chip in it and tell me how it doesn't even work at all. i wanted to buy a cardigan vest, a dress and a mickey mouse wool top from h&m. i was in such a bad mood, met up with GNS again. what made my day was seeing Jordan & chesca. missed them soo much. anyways had fun with everyone last night. afterwards jade drove us back to Mississauga and back home, thanks cousin. the only downfalls was that my debit card wasn't working. overall the day was good. photo credits to Danny steez Nguyen


fast & furious

yesterday my boyfriend came over. we watched fast and furious with my younger brother. brought my younger brother home then went to Popeye's, yumm. afterwards went to kariya park, it was freezing cold - but we'll be back to take pictures in the summer. just chilled at my house for a while then drove boyfriend home with Andrew. i haven't spoken to him in a real long time it was good catching up with him. and i also found it funny how i was to busy talking to him i wasn't even paying attention driving on the highway. cruised around for a bit to have some more talks with him until Jade and Kim called me up and wanted to chill. so brought Andrew home then went back home. Jade and Kim came over and brought tons of double cheese burgers! watched pursuit of happiness on showcase, but it kind of got boring so we started talking about future and life and all this nonsense of whats real and whats not and our beliefs. they eventually went home and watched the rest of pursuit of happiness with they boyfriend. goood day. more pictures - airjustin.blogspot.com



it's been forever since i've had sushi. i went to my boyfriends house then Vaughan mills and sushi one hour later. yummy cali rolls & shrimp tempura's....Japanese vanilla ice cream! back to his house, while he did his homework i fell asleep. picked up jayare, Vaughan mills one more time - babe bought me a strawberry sundae and then hotdogs right after. went to some park and played for a bit. drove home. pictures on boyfriends blog. (http://airjustin.blogspot.com/)

i decided to re-do my blog. it took me about one hour to finish the layout then another half n hour to put it up and fix it, it's still not quite done. so watch out for more.